Camptour ‘Off the road’

11-day safari tour € 1.999,- p.p.
(start and ends at Fanaka lodges & camping Mto wa Mbu / daily arrival / children up to 15 years old receive a discount of € 200,- p.p.)

During this 11-day camping trip we take our off road jeeps far away from urban paved roads and we delve deep into African nature. An adventurous tour with famous highlights, including game drives through world renowned National Wildlife Parks such as the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro crater, Lake Manyara and Loliondo game reserve, which combined guarantee the fantastic experience and memories of spotting of the Big 5.

You will also get to know other attractions, which are typical of tours with Tayari-Safari; including a tour through beautiful Northern Tanzania, straight through the untouched, rugged, wide landscapes of the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, an area larger than the Netherlands and Belgium together, providing exceptional views, scenery, nature and a true feeling of Africa. With well-equipped off-road jeeps, we are able to drive over rugged gravel roads, bumpy sand paths and almost impassable riverbeds on our way to visit the homeland of the proud and famed Maasai, who graze their herds in the middle of nature parks among the wild animals. Adventure and authenticity at its best!

During this very varied tour we travel with jeeps and on foot through the habitat of 1.5 million wildebeests, 450,000 zebras and 650,000 gazelles and antelopes, large herds of elephants and buffalo. Over these seemingly endless plains, troops of wild dogs, large prides of lions, cheetahs and leopards, also roam. After these predators make a "kill", the hyenas, along with jackals and vultures, eat the remains of the prey. This is all part of the natural cycle of life and keeps the ecosystem balanced and thriving. Have your camera at the ready and look out for signs of hunting or scavenging to turn these amazing sights and memories into photos for life!

The Off Road Camping Trip is an adventurous safari tour, exclusively intended for active people, who do not mind occasionally getting their hands dirty and exerting themselves to enjoy this gigantic natural spectacle to the fullest.

Our expertise

Because of our years of experience in organizing and conducting adventurous tours through various African countries, Tayari Safari is one of the few small-scale organizations that can bring its participants to places that are rarely visited by people. This wealth of experience and relationship building enables us to come close to the Maasai, a proud people with a deeply rooted tradition living on the open plains of the Serengeti, amidst the wild animals, where they are only armed with a spear to protect themselves and their herds from predators.

Food & Drink

To ensure tour participants are comfortable and well looked after; the tour guide and/or chef from Tayari Safari takes care of all meals to European standards. This means a hearty breakfast, nutritious lunch and a delicious evening meal. On the days we are on the road, we have lunch at our own costs or we prepare a packed lunch during breakfast.

Standard price € 1.999,- p.p.

  • Based on camping
  • Children up to 15 years old receive a discount of € 200,- p.p.
  • Daily arrival and departure

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More information

Day to day program 11-day Off the road*
Day 1 (Sat): Arrival Kilimanjaro – Mto wa Mbu
On arrival at Kilimanjaro airport, you will be greeted by a guide from Tayari Safari and transferred to the Fanaka resort in Mto wa Mbu. We set up camp, or for an additional fee you can stay in a room with a shower and toilet. In the evening we get to know the rest of the tour group over a delicious 3 course meal.

Day 2 (Sun): Lake Manyara
Today we are taking the off road road jeeps with a folding photo / film roof to embark on our first game drive through the spectacular Lake Manyara. Fortunately, it is only a short drive to our destination as the park is around the corner from Mto wa Mbu.

This park is wedged between the Great Rift Valley’s steep western escarpment and the lake itself. This combination proves to be an ideal habitat for plenty of wildlife that benefits from the plentiful vegetation, forest and of course the abundance of water.

Directly at the entrance of Lake Manyara we drive through a forest full of baboons, who make a very unique sound when eating their food which they find in great supply from the ground here.

When the driver turns off the engine, we are able to hear the sound of babbling brooks with crystal clear water. Between the mix of evergreen and acacia trees we see beautiful green meadows where majestic waterbucks appear. Once out of the dense forest, nature passes into a steppe-like area around the lake. Here we can see a variety wild animals such as elephants, wildebeests, impala and of course the predatory game such as lions followed by hyenas and vultures that clean up the last scraps of a kill. Around the lake thousands of flamingos, pelicans, ibises, herons and ospreys live, creating a thriving hive of activity.

Day 3 (Mon): Mto wa Mbu – Lake Natron
Today is the start of the OFF ROAD safari tour. We use the well-equipped Land Cruisers to enter the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This nature reserve, where the Maasai reside and protect their herd and tribe with their spears, is closely guarded by the Tanzanian government and UNESCO in order to let the Maasai people live in their traditional way. The Maasai people roam around here with their herds of cows and goats. Lions remain at a respectable distance because they have evolved over thousands of years to be wary of the Maasai people and the danger of their spear and the throwing mace.

After a few hours of driving, the road becomes a path, where even off-road vehicles struggle and this is our first overnight stop, at Ngoben campsite in the Lonliondo.

Day 4 (Tue): Lake Natron – Wasso
Today we get to experience the incredible sight of the million flamingos and pelicans that live along the shores of the shallow Natron lake. The guide will talk extensively about the area and its wildlife and will take us through the muddy, clay-like environment to a village that is seemingly untouched by time as it is devoid of electricity, water and telephone connections.  Here in this village from the past we will enjoy our lunch then continue in our jeeps to Wasso.

The road on the next part of our journey is difficult to navigate and take us through several dry riverbeds which makes for a bumpy ride full of holes and littered with volcanic drifts. If it has rained heavily we may be delayed because the current is too strong to cross the riverbed. The road leads us to the 700 meter higher plateau, foothill of the Serengeti, where we spend the night in a very simple local hotel as there is no camping on this windy, chilly plain.

Day 5 (Wed): Wasso – Kleins Gate
Today there is an opportunity to photograph the local population, visit the market and experience how the Maasai children look at us and address us as “Hey Wazungu” (white man). Around 4 p.m. we arrive at the entrance of a checkpoint of the Serengeti, Kleins Gate. By nightfall k we reach our final destination of this long day, Tumbili Camp, in the middle of the Serengeti National Park. Don’t forget to keep your eyes open during the drive for the opportunity to spot plenty of wildlife!

Day 6 (Thu): Serengeti game drives
We wake up early today while it is still dark and enjoy our breakfast. With the first light at day break we go on a quest for the Big-5 and much more; we will go on long game drives and discover the beauty of Africa and its flora and fauna. Perhaps we may even get to see a few spontaneous displays and outbursts from the wildlife too!

We will also take breaks to come back to the campsite for a snack and to stretch our legs as we cannot leave our jeeps during game drives. Remember, feet and hands in the car at all times!

Day 7 (Fri): Serengeti game drives
Another early start today with a small snack before going on another game drive; we will head back to the camp for breakfast at 10am. Today we pay more attention to the environment and learning in more detail about the wild animals. The guide will therefore stop longer at each point and explain more about the environment, nature and what can be expected for viewing at this point in the season. This is your chance to ask lots of questions and become an expert on the nature of the area. Depending on the time of your visit, we could see the migration (large migration) of the approximately 1.5 million wildebeest, zebras and gazelles.

Day 8 (Sat): Serengeti – Ngorongoro
After breakfast we clear up camp, collect our bags and begin a long game drive through the open savannah of the Serengeti. We drive past the dozens of ‘hotspots’, hoping for that picture of a cheetah family, or lazing lion pride. Around 4 o’clock we drive out of Serengeti and into the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The long bumpy road takes us through a beautiful landscape to our overnight stay, Simba Camp on the crater rim of the old Ngorongoro volcano. Reminder: the temperatures can drop significantly in this area at night so make sure you have some layers with you!

Day 9 (Sun): Ngorongoro Crater – game drives – Mto wa Mbu (OPTIONAL)
We descend early into the crater, a steep descent, 700 meters down. Along the way we see Maasai settlements, herds of cattle and sometimes playing Maasai children. The view here is truly breathtaking; the crater has a diameter of 22 km and is also called the “Garden of Eden, or Het Paradijs”. Excepting giraffes, for which the slopes with their long legs are too steep, all African wildlife is present here in large numbers, including even the scarce black rhinoceros.

Day 10 (Mon): Rest day Mto Wa Mbu, or … mountaibike excursion Lake Manyara and Maasai village
After all the adventures of the previous days in the immense Serengeti game reserve and the impressive Ngorongoro crater we can relax today; read a book, enjoy the sunshine or get some nice souvenirs in the Maasai village.

Still full of energy and want to see and experience something more? Then, accompanied by our local guide, you can join a mountain bike excursion to a local Maasai settlement just outside the village, where you will get to know the traditions of this proud people.

Then we cycle a beautiful route through the center of Mto wa Mbu and endless banana plantations to the edge of Lake Manyara, where we will see various wild animals and many flamingos. This excursion lasts about 5 hours, of which approx. 1.5 hours is spent at the Maasai. Costs € 20,- p.p. including rental mountain bike.

Day 11 (Tue): Departure day
Today you will be transferred back to the airport at Kilimanjaro for your return home, with a head full of beautiful memories of this spectacular adventurous trip through the most beautiful parks of North Tanzania.

The total driving distance of this adventurous safari tour is about 1000 km, almost all of it being off road!

*Please note: The order of the program is subject to minor changes in the event of adverse weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Don’t worry though, the number of days in the parks and reserves will always be carried out. 

Tip! Print the final program before you leave and read it again carefully.


  • Entrance to the wildlife reserves and nature parks Serengeti, Lake Natron and Loliondo
  • Transport in well-equipped 4-wheel off-road jeeps with folding film / photo roof
  • Camping costs
  • All meals and accompanying drinks such as tea and coffee
  • Service from a cook and mobile cooking equipment
  • Dutch and/or English speaking tour guide and driver(s)


  • Personal expenses, drinks and tips

Ngorongoro Crater
The entrance of the Ngorongoro Crater with additional costs is per day:
– Jeep with driver € 130,-
– Fee Jeep € 295,-
– Adults € 70,- p.p.
– Children up to and including 15 years € 25,- p.p.

Participants can decide and pay on the spot or enjoy a day off at their own leisure.


  • Deposit € 300,-
  • The remaining travel sum 14 days before arrival by bank or cash on arrival
  • The validity period of an offer is 3 weeks (any interim price adjustments can be made afterwards)

Transfers and currency
Taxi costs are at your expense and to be paid to the driver directly.

Costs for a 4-person taxi are as follows:

  • Kilimanjaro – Mto wa Mbu 160.000 TZS
  • Arusha – Mto wa Mbu 100.000 TZS

€ 1 = 2.500 TZS
$ small denominations = 1.500 TZS
$ large denominations = 2.250 TZS
ATM maximum with drawal is 400.000 TZS (maximum 6x per day)

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