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From breathtaking jeep safaris through the Selous Game Reserve to the spectacular Ngorongoro crater: a tour in Tanzania or Zanzibar will be a feast for your eyes. As a direct seller of small-scale safaris, you are always assured of the best prices available. You can choose from 19 different itineraries but of course it is also possible to have us create a customized tour for you. With more than 30 years of experience we know the most beautiful spots in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

9-day safari ‘Wildlife’


Safari, culture and beach for just € 999,- per person

Want to see as much of Tanzania as possible in a short time? Then the 9-day 'Wildlife' tour is the perfect trip for you. This safari adventure includes a 3-day trip through the Mikumi National Park, a breathtaking snorkelling excursion and a trip to Bagamoyo; a settlement where in the past millions of slaves were kept and traded.

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14-day safari tour ‘Big-5’


Incredible safari through the African wilderness for € 1.855,- per person

Are you anxious to see the famous big five in real life? During this safari through the African wilderness in Tanzania, the chances are very high that you will encounter them all! Besides the five most famous animals of Africa, the thousands of pink flamingos you encounter are a unique experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

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17-day safari tour ‘Family safari north’

baby olifant safari

Family safari through the northern parks for € 2.295,- per person

This all encompassing 'Family safari north' is perfect for families because the tour takes place during the summer holidays. We visit no less than four national parks where we will search for wild animals. We also travel to the idyllic Usembara mountains, visit the first settlement of Livingstone and eventually set course to the uninhabited tropical island of Bongoyo.

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8-day safari ‘Game parks’


Discover untouched Africa for € 999,- per person

Behold the thousands of wild animals and meet the local inhabitants during the Tanzania 'Game park' tour. During this safari you will visit various wildlife filled parks including Lake Manyara National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater. You will also get to meet the Hadzabe (bushmen), a primitive tribe, who still live like their ancestors as hunters and gatherers.

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7-day safari ‘Migration Serengeti’


An unforgettable safari through the Serengeti for € 1.295,- per person

Millions of ungulates such as wildebeests, zebras and gazelles migrate around in the world-famous Serengeti park in Tanzania, searching for fresh grass. You will follow these herds together with an experienced ranger. Prepare for some spectacular sights! In addition, you will visit the famous Ngorongoro Crater and the stunning Lake Manyara National Park.

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11-day safari ‘Lion King’


An unparalleled safari for € 1.799,- per person

Besides spotting wild animals such as lions, elephants, giraffes, cheetahs and hippos during the safaris through the wildlife parks, you will also get acquainted with the traditional Hadzabe (the bushmen of Tanzania). Furthermore, you will learn more about the lifestyle of the proud Maasai people, known for their colourful clothing and decorations.

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18-day safari ‘Family safari south’

familie safari

Family safari through the southern parks for € 2.499,- per person

From fifty meter high waterfalls to the impressive Rufiji river: this safari tour is an experience you will never forget. Besides the game drives in search of wild animals you have the chance to snorkel in the crystal clear waters of three tropical islands and there is a special walking safari and boat trip.

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9-day beach holiday Zanzibar & Safari


Unique tour for € 999,- per person

Get that true 'bounty island' feeling during a 9-day beach holiday on Zanzibar. Lazing on the white sandy beaches, swimming with dolphins or snorkeling in the azure coloured ocean. Besides the high relaxation factor, the holiday also has an active twist: we take you on an active safari through the Mikumi National Park where you will go in search of elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, gazelles, hippos, hyenas and lions.

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11-day safari ‘Off the road’

Jeep safari offroad

Discover nature in the north of Tanzania and its wildlife parks for € 1.999,- per person

During this 11-day camping trip through the northern wildlife parks of Tanzania, you will go off road by jeep, deep into the African wilderness. The safari covers a number of highlights such as the famous Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro crater, where you will undoubtedly encounter the famous big five.

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7-day safari ‘Selous Game Reserve’

Safari tour Tanzania for € 999,- per person

Experience wild Africa up close via boat trips and impressive hikes through the Selous Game Reserve. The wetland areas are home to hippos, crocodiles, elephants and giraffes among other wildlife. Want to add to your experience? Extend your African adventure with a trip to Zanzibar.

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3-day safari ‘Mikumi National Park’


Get acquainted with African nature for only € 554,- per person!

From Zanzibar or Dar es Salaam we begin our journey to Mikumi National Park. You have an advantage in that you start your game drive every morning before the park opens to the public. Rangers of Tayari Safari will go with you in search of wild animals such as elephants, baboons, zebras, lions and crocodiles. Mikumi National Park is part of the 75,000 km² Selous Game Reserve ecosystem.

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10-day safari ‘Mikumi - Ruaha’


Unique tour for € 1.999,- per person

Enjoy the space, peace and quiet in Mikumi and Ruaha national parks in the south of Tanzania. With a safari jeep you drive to the center of Mikumi and navigate the 250km between Mikumi and Ruaha National Park, where you go in search of wild animals accompanied by an English speaking ranger. Note: Ruaha National Park is the largest national park in Tanzania.

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4-day Mafia Island

safari mafia eiland

Chill & dive on Mafia Island for € 485,- per person

Mafia Island in the Indian Ocean is an undiscovered paradise for divers and anglers. Snorkel among the breathtaking reefs, behold the hundreds of fish species or go on an excursion to see fourteen-meter-long humpback whales leaping in the sea. Relax, enjoy and discover Mafia island!

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10-day safari ‘Mikumi – Selous – Zanzibar


Spectacular safari through untouched wilderness for € 1.899,- per person

This 10-day tour starts from Ndege Beach where you can get used to the warm temperatures of Tanzania and Zanzibar. Then, together with an English speaking ranger, you will visit the Selous Game Reserve where you can spot hippos, crocodiles, zebras and elephants.

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3-day safari ‘Selous’


Safari tour for € 599,- per person

During this 3 day safari 'Selous' tour you will visit the largest protected ecosystem in Africa. The Rufiji River flows through the park and is brimming with hippos and crocodiles. The camp where you stay during the safari offers spectacular views over a waterhole, frequented by elephants, giraffes and warthogs among other animals.

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10-day safari ‘Saadani - Mikumi’


Beach and adventure are combined in this luxurious safari for € 1.699,- per person

Enjoy green nature and wild animals during a 10-day safari tour through the lesser known Mikumi and Saadani national parks in Tanzania. In between spotting wild animals, there is plenty of time for relaxation: relax on sandy white beaches or snorkel in the clear blue sea.

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Beach holiday Zanzibar

Hotel right on the beach, from € 32,50 per person per night

Relax on the pearly white beaches of Zanzibar. Enjoy and experience this tropical island. Dive and swim in the deep blue sea, right on the doorstep of the resort where you are staying. Book a trip to paradise via Tayari Safari

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Various forms of accommodation: from a safari lodge tent to a luxurious safari lodge

During a Tayari Safari Tanzania tour you can choose between four types of accommodation: a dome tent, a simple room, a tented lodge, a luxurious safari resort or a combination of aforementioned options. Because the tours in Tanzania and Zanzibar are all different, the accommodations will differ as well, thus allowing you different accommodation options for every safari tour.

A customized Tanzania tour

Do you have other wishes instead of the suggested itineraries in Tanzania? We at Tayari Safari are happy to help you create your dream trip through the wildlife reserves of Tanzania. Based on your wishes we will create a customized tour to your liking. We take into account your needs, the type of accommodation that suits you and the travel duration you desire. Tayari Safari has an international agent who can be reached per phone on +255 (0)6 56 607 828 or by e-mail info@tayari-safari.co.uk.

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